Saturday, October 1, 2011

Energizing Thai Massage

Wifey and I did something different last Sunday. We ventured into a thai massage shop we've seen being frequented on weekends. True to my expectation, we arrived and found no more parking space for our car. We have to settle, together with five other clients, for a parking near the St. Teresa's College. Of course, my wife got sentimental about the school because that's where she finished her secondary education.

So what am I talking about? 

For most of our massage experience, we normally get swedish or shiatsu massage. We are a regular customer of Rilassante Spa, our favorite spa center located in front of the National Orthopedic Hospital.

But, thai massage? We were excited to try something new. So, we went to one of the best but cheap thai massage center, Thewi Thai Massage  located along D. Tuazon St., in Quezon City.

It was a discovery as we cherish every minute of the massage. There I was together in a room with my wife. I put on the shorts but not the T-shirt because I was used to having nothing on top for the swedish massage. To my surprise, the therapist ask me to wear the t-shirt.

I was told that thai massage came to Thailand and was performed by the monks as one component of their thai medicine. I find the Thai Massage more rigorous and energizing than the more classic forms of massage. Thai massage is also called the Thai Yoga massage because the therapist uses her or his hands, knees, legs and feet to move me into a series of yoga-like stretches. They say Thai Massage is like doing yoga without any work. I feel very relaxed and my wife said it was calming, she almost fell asleep.

I think Thai massage works to put you to sleep. The client next to our room was snoring.

If you are in Quezon City, and you are looking for a very good and cheap Thai massage, the Thewi Thai Massage is one of the best! How cheap? P200 for an hour of relaxing, rejuvenating, energizing massage.

I think Thai massage will be part of my monthly spa treatment.

To your wellness,

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